One question that is asked at every interview—for renewing a contract as well as new employment—is, “Why do you feel called to Restoration Academy?” While credentials are crucial and display qualifications, they are not nearly all that is required to impact our students for their future (and eternity!). While almost one fourth of our staff have graduate degrees, over one third live in the communities our school serves .






Jr./Sr. High


Board of Directors

Richard Abernethy, Chairman
Brad Adair Lauren Barrett
Andrew Brower
Barbara Cartledge
James Cason
Philip Crane
Sonny Culp
Johnny Garlington
Darnell Gardner
Max Harbuck
Bobby Hosey
Kevin Kynerd
Warren Lightfoot
Billy Longshore

Ken McPherson
Paul Pankey
Randy Reed
Josh Reidinger
Lisa Shoupe
Jane Sides
Andy Sink
Abe Smith
Murray Smith
Richard Stone
Steve Upton
Russell Vandevelde
Scott Watson