Artist Spotlight: Sumaiyah Morris, 10th grade

Cool Sunset by Sumaiyah Morris

Cool Sunset by Sumaiyah Morris

Title: Cool Sunset

Artist: Sumaiyah Morris

Grade: 10th

When Mrs. Larrivee told us about this project, the idea of a sunset immediately came up in my mind. It was a project focusing on negative space where, instead of filling in the positive space first, we began by filling in the negative space. A sunset was my first thought because of the shadows that sunsets bring (they could be painted in black) as well as the bright orange and red tones of the sky.

My inspiration came from spring break trips to Mobile with my uncle. I can remember many nights on the beach watching the sunset; those memories bring peaceful and calming feelings to me. That's what I wanted this painting to say. I wanted to motivate others to find a place in life that is calming to them in the same way that a cool night on the beach calms me.

Molly Stone