Leaning Into an Unchanging Christ

Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.
— Hebrews 13:8

One of the great constants in life is the changing seasons.

We cannot control when winter will arrive nor can we dictate when it morphs into spring. But the seasons will, in fact, change at some point and usher in new temperatures, aesthetics, and rhythms of nature. Our planet passively accepts these shifts without anxiety or protest.

Interestingly, we as humans struggle with change and with unpredictability. Too often we demand control, and our lack of it can create unrest or even fear. The seasons of life frequently shift around us without warning. Our balmy summer days can suddenly be replaced by the chills and lashing winds of an unexpected winter. If we are not careful this alteration in the seasons can drive us into a place of duress.

We must learn to surrender our idol of control to the One who controls all things: Christ. He is unchanging. His Word is unchanging. His love for us does not change. His plans to usher in a new kingdom and new earth are unchanging. He rules the seasons on this planet and He is greater than the seasons in our personal lives.

Here in Alabama as summer is fading into the fall we can witness the obvious seasonal shift. Leaves are changing colors and falling. The air is brisker in the mornings and evenings. These are soft reminders that God is in control of all things. We must remember that often times the changes He brings around us are the very instruments He desires to use to bring us closer to Him.

Geoff SciaccaIamRA