Restoration Academy takes a holistic approach to education through classroom instruction and life-on-life discipleship. Our students are being invited into the classroom of life by way of their teachers' homes, their community, and the global classroom. We are giving them a vocabulary to dream larger dreams for themselves. Over the 30 years we have been educating students, our focus has been to help students live outside of themselves.






Most months we host visitor luncheons, and they are one of the best ways to get introduced to RA. Come enjoy lunch on us and learn about how God is at work in our city.


Whether it’s reading to a kindergartner or helping a senior with her calculus homework, we are always looking for people who want to come alongside us in our mission.

Make a Donation

Only 5% of our annual budget comes from tuition. We rely on tax-deductible gifts from our generous donors to keep our doors open year after year.