Restoration Academy (RA) has been blessed over the years to have developed relationships with those in our community that have a desire to partner with us to impact the lives of children. RA has been able to offer opportunities that have been mutually benefiting to the school, students and corporate partners. Corporate partners have over the years shared of their resources both physically and fiscally. Physically, they have allowed their employees to volunteer and serve as volunteers to help with tutoring, mentoring, career exposure and training, and even adopting a teacher and their classroom. Fiscally, corporate partners have come alongside to help provide financial support through sponsoring a student, funding a particular program or project, as well as allowing their employees to participate financially.

Our Development Team will be more than happy to meet to discuss these and other potential partnership opportunities. Our team is also willing to either host or come out to share in more detail about Restoration Academy and the impact such efforts have had on the lives of our students. Please feel free to contact our main office for further assistance.